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A multiplayer tabletop skirmish wargame created in 2 days for the One Page Rules Game Jam 4. Players control units of a Cult, killing and worshiping to prove their devotion. Unlike other wargames, victory in 48:10 is often a matter of dying gloriously in the name of your gods, and resurrection is an important component of gameplay. There should be enough emergent complexity to enable a few interesting and unorthodox strategies as well. This is a 'bucket of dice game', with players sometimes being asked to roll up to 10d6. Play can use either single models or groups of models for units, in any scale. Similarly because no measuring is done, the space needed for play scales with the number of models and players.

It's not extensively playtested, and there are a few obvious places to expand the game, so I'm likely to revisit this in the future.


4810_v0.5.pdf 312 kB


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Once the rating for the game jam is over, I can think of a couple of simple changes I need to make. Typos of course, but I'm also thinking killing units should only reward 1 devotion, and resurrection should probably only cost 1 devotion as well. Something to test.

I didn't fully understand this one, but it was cool. 

I probably should have taken advantage of the second half of the page to better explain things. I do all my drafting in txts, so I spent an embarrassing amount of time struggling with LibreOffice, and I expect it's clearer in the original txt file. Ah well, something to address when I'm updating.